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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

6. The little diamond symbol in front of these backpacks is not a fashion statement. It actually serves as a location of attaching ropes or metal loops, a very useful tool for hikers, climbers and athletes.

7. The hole on top of your pen is not a universal design, it has a functional purpose. The companies know how often people chew on their pen caps, and the holes are place there as a precaution. In case the pen cap is swallowed, the hole will provide an airway so you won’t choke or suffocate.

8. The holes found in the middle of the pasta strainer also serve a functional purpose. They serves a means of measurement for exactly one serving of pasta. Now, instead of going through the struggle of weighing your food, you can just fill the hole in the strainer and you’ll know when you have one serving!

9. The blue part of an eraser was believed to erase pen errors. This rumor was confirmed false when users saw, with first hand experience, that it was smudging their work more than anything else. The blue region is actually made softer and more sensitive, in order to get rid of any marks on art and graphic papers.

10. No one tends to pay attention to the number “57” printed on the Heinz Ketchup bottles. The location of this number signals the sweet spot of the bottle… the area you tap when the ketchup just won’t budge.

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