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30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

It’s so unfortunate when you don’t see what’s right before your eyes. Everyday objects that we encounter have some disregarded attributes, and it’s about time we take advantage of them. Here are 16 details that most of us don’t know about our everyday objects.

1. The little bobble found on the top of a winter beanie has become a fashion statement, adding the special touch to the winter wear. However, it wasn’t always just there for design. The bottle at the top served a functional purpose. Back in the day, many French marines would wear beanies, the bobble on the top serving as a shock absorber for when they hit their heads on low cabin ceilings. Additionally, different sizes, shapes, and colors of bobbles were used to define the different branches of the military.

2. Many thought that the lines found on toothpaste were a means of distinguishing whether the paste is organic or non-organic. it was later discovered that the lines are just bar codes for the factory that designate where the tube should be cut and folded.

3. Ever wondered why there’s a hole on the top of lollipop sticks? Those are not present for a matter of design, but they actually help the candy of the lollipop better stick to the plastic. When the candy melts, a bit of it seeps through inside the hold, helping the candy remain firm around the stick and prevent any choking hazards.

4. It is often thought the hind legs of keyboards were intended to make the typing process more efficient and comfortable. In reality, they were meant to allow a better view of the keyboard and the keys. The ironic part is, it’s actually much better for your wrists when the keyboard is flat.

5. We often don’t like it when our clothes get folds and creases all over it. Did you know that there was a time when that look was actually “in”? The crumpled look became popular in the 19th century when European factories folded their clothes to maximize shipping space. The clothes were often delivered with creases and folds, and the customers just kept it that way, making it a part of their everyday wear.

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