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28 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

11. Hot Dogs: It would be acceptable to have hot dog vending machines if the idea sounded remotely appetizing. We just can’t imagine that the hot dog would be fresh, warm or even healthy if its been sitting in a vending machine for hours… or maybe even days. 

12. Eggs: This vending machine, as odd as it is, seems to be one of the more interesting ones. There’s actually vending machines that let you watch hens lay eggs! At least you know your purchase is fresh out the oven (metaphorically and literally). 

13. Soccer Ball: What do you do when you really want to play soccer but have no ball to kick around? Just stop by at one of these and purchase the soccer ball of your choice! 

14. Pizza: If you’re really impatient and don’t want to wait (even a minute) at your local Dominos, you can just resort to a pizza vending machine. Make the purchase and get a pizza instantly. It’s almost like magic! 

15. Sephora: This make seem irrationally at first look, but it’s really not. Girls are often stuck in a predicament when they need to touch up on their makeup, but have no makeup to touch up with! In such situations, a Sephora vending machine might be exactly what they need! 

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