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28 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

6. For the days that you feel like your legs are really giving up on you, just stop by at a bike vending machine and casually purchase one of these! 

7. Umbrella: This choice of vending machine is actually not that ridiculous. It would actually be quite popular if placed in the right location… those cities that see no sun but tons of rain! 

8. Live Bait: We’re not sure who thought that a vending machine with live bait would be very functional or sanitary, but it can be helpful if located near a fishing site. 

9. Legos: Just like a little girl would light up at the site of a Barbie doll vending machine, little boys would go crazy if they laid their eyes on one of these. Once again, smart move to trap parents into buying their child what they want. 

10. Apple: Vending machines with Apple products have actually grown quite common, especially at airports. As irrational as it may seem to make such an expensive purchase through a vending machine… people get desperate to keep themselves distracted on those long flights. 

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