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28 Things Your Body Can Tell You About Yourself

Human bodies function in the same way, yet individuals very in their bodies specifics. While it may seem contradictory, the latter is true. While all of us are subject to the same gene pool and developmental process of the human species, each of us are shaped by our environment.

Your everyday activities and lifestyles have an effect on your body, as it reacts to the stimuli around it. Therefore, your body really is a representation of you – what you consume and surround yourself with.

Here are some things the nature of your body can tell you about yourself.

1. What impact does alcohol have on your body?

2. 1 minute of drinking and the alcohol is in your bloodstream. 5 minutes of drinking and the alcohol has made its way to your brain, meaning it can interfere with your coordination. 

3. When 30 minutes pass, you’ll feel the relaxation over come you. Just 15 minutes later when you hit the 45 minute mark, your liver is already working hard in processing the alcohol. When you hit the one hour mark, the kidneys sent the waste to your bladder.

4. It’s no secret that alcohol dehydrates you. But when does the dehydrating start to occur? Merely an hour into the drinking process. 

5. The body secretes different odors, and each type of odor indicates different physiological conditions. Let’s start by discussing sweat. If your sweat smells like acetone, there is chance you are having blood sugar level issues. On the other hand, if it smells like ammonia, it could be linked to kidney and liver problems. 

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