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28 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

24. Many of us thought those extra holes in our shoes were just there for design but they’re actually there to help prevent blisters. How? They help create a better fit and comfort when providing extra friction in your feet.

25. That little hole found on the bottom of padlocks serves many functions. Not only is it there to help oil the lock when needed but also to drain the lock just in case you ever find your padlock submerged in water.

26. While post jeans’ back pockets are now used for design and style, they were originally sown in to hold pocket watches.

27. Need to charge your phone fast? Putting your phone in airplane mode helps your phone charge much faster.

28. Ever parked at the gas station only to find out that your fuel tank is on the other side? Well, here’s a way to avoid making that mistake. Next time you’re unsure, check the little arrow beneath the gas symbol on your gas gauge. The arrow is actually placed on the same side of your fuel tank.

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