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28 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

14. Love chips but hate digging down to the bottom of the bag every time? Invert the bottom of the bag and roll the edges down and you have a mini-bowl!

15. Sometimes driving can be stressful. Next time you get confused with road sign, just remember: the exit sign is on the side of the road at which you’ll be exiting!

16. Next time you’re stuck with that garlic or onion stench on your fingers, just rub some salts on your hands. Just remember to apply moisturizer right after to avoid over-doing the exfoliating effect of salt.

17. Just when you thought salt didn’t have many applications… you can actually use the white grains to stop your shoes from smelling. Just pour some in and wait as the odors eliminate!

18. The appearance of your tires can actually tell you their age. The more the bumps, the older your tires and the less safe the tire.

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