28 Pics That Will Make You Feel Mildly Uncomfortable

Everyone loves to be in their comfort zone, and for a good reason! Some people have a smaller comfort zone than others, and for those people, certain pictures, places, objects may be more uncomfortable than they are to others.

However, there are certain images, with certain scenarios that spark discomfort regardless of your actual “comfort zone.” The following pictures fall under that category.

So if you’re easily annoyed and often uncomfortable. Here are a 28 cringe-worthy photos that will make you feel some type of way.

1: I don’t know what’s worse, the disproportionately angled poster of Justin Bieber’s head or the meat plate that is shaped like the pop-star’s head.

2: Many individual’s are claustrophobic, and try to steer clear from elevators in general. Well, here’s an elevator that is not only smaller than its average size, but is in the shape of a triangle? I’m feeling claustrophobic just looking at it!

3: Nothing says Welcome to Wells Fargo like a fish taped to their ATM machine.

4: We know that sometimes the game is so intense, you can’t afford any distractions. But what good is a game controller if you can’t even properly see or click the buttons?

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