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28 People Who Had One Job To Do And Failed Miserably

21. The only thing that would be worse than misplacing the chocolate would be to forget the chocolate component altogether! Count your blessings, am I right?

22. At least you can walk around and rightfully say, “It was supposed to be a 1 but they had a typo and printed a 3.” 

23. How do you even let the spelling mistake get this far?

24. Such a tease… when the privacy is right there, but you can’t quite get it. 

25. This is an obvious misplacement of bulletin boards. If I was responsible, I would try to make it pass as some form of art and convince everyone that it was intentionally meant to be the way it is. 

26. This has got to be done on purpose, right? I can’t imagine anyone would make this mistake without realizing a huge car in the way of the pavement? 

27. How could they? How could they make such a mistake? There are no words for this tragedy. 

28. This is what happens whenever you don’t fact check, and you end up embarrassing yourself and spreading ignorance to those around you. 

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