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28 Images That Will Make You Smile

Not every day is going to be candy and rainbows. We all have had those days where we feel a little bit down.

Lucky for us, we have something as accessible and entertaining at the internet to help turn our frown upside down.

Here are 28 images from the internet that are bound to make you smile.

1. Don’t you hate it when you post a picture to show off something but end up getting ridiculed for a detail you didn’t even realize, such as your feet?

2. I think every parent can relate that there’s nothing more annoying than your baby throwing food rather than eating it. We can all relate, but we love those little nuggets anyway.

3. I love the optical illusion. It really fooled me and I had to try really hard to actually envision the grass.

4. This has got to be one of the most entertaining memes every. For all you Harry Potter fans…

5. There’s absolutely no way that this picture was not planned. Unless some things are just that much of a coincidence.

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