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27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

16. Building on the topic of holes, have you ever noticed that rulers actually have a whole at the end. These are not to help you draw perfect tiny circles, they’re actually placed there so you can hang the rulers up.

17. Almost all ointment bottles and creams have a small indent on their cap. They’re actually to help the user use the product! All you have to do is remove the lid, flip it around and use that little indent to rip open the foil.

18. The little lumps found at the end of your cords and cables are better known as ferrite cores or chokes. They consist of magnetic iron oxide in order to suppress any high frequency magnetic interference.

19. Those wholes that you find at the end of your pot handle have multiple uses. They allow you to hang your pots and pans as well as have a place to put your saucy spatula as you wait for your favorite dish to cook!

20. The holes found in the middle of the pasta strainer also serve a functional purpose. They serves a means of measurement for exactly one serving of pasta. Now, instead of going through the struggle of weighing your food, you can just fill the hole in the strainer and you’ll know when you have one serving!

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