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27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

11. The piece of fabric and buttons that come as “extras” with the clothes you purchase are not a bonus item! Nor are they to patch up clothes. They’re actually included so you can test out how different laundry detergents would effect your clothes.

12. The hole on top of your pen is not a universal design, it has a functional purpose. The companies know how often people chew on their pen caps, and the holes are place there as a precaution. In case the pen cap is swallowed, the hole will provide an airway so you won’t choke or suffocate.

13. All airplane windows have a small hole on the very bottom. This hole is placed there to compensate and maintain proper air pressure. It ensures that as the plane ascends to a higher altitudes, the pressure outside and inside of the plane will not be extremely different.

14. All Apple cables have these strange wing looking structures attached to the chargers. These are actually placed there for organizational purposes. The wings serves as a means of wrapping up the cable so that the long wire is not all over the place.

15. All converse fans have been wondering, why are there holes placed in the middle of the shoe? Many people think its just for design, but there actually placed there to provide some insulation to your feet.

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