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27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

6. No one tends to pay attention to the number “57” printed on the Heinz Ketchup bottles. The location of this number signals the sweet spot of the bottle… the area you tap when the ketchup just won’t budge.

7. Ever finished a lollipop and noticed that little hole on the plastic stick? That hole actually has a functional purpose. Naturally, a bit of the candy melts into the hole, allowing for the lollipop to remain more firmly on the stick.

8. Plastic containers come equipped with symbols on them, and for a good purpose. These symbols represents what type of plastic the container is made of, and acts as a recycling symbol. There’s also a symbol located on the bottom of the plastic, clarifying whether it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

9. The little plastic ring that you find on the bottom of the bottle cap is not there for decoration. It’s actually there to help prevent any spills or leakage.

10. Your headphone jack, like most, probably has two lines on them. These two lines help distinguish and connect the left and the right speaker. Without both lines, you wouldn’t be able to hear out of both sides of the headphones.

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