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25 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

11. Here’s one woman that takes Pretty in Pink to a whole other (literal) level. 

12. The exotic green mask with an exotic bikini? This is one alien lover’s dream woman! 

13. This picture looks like its taken straight from a film. If this is a means of advertising than there sure doing it the right way. The Halloweentown meets Shrek look is bound to turn a few heads. 

14. Whether this picture was taken at a gamer’s convention or just on a regular day out… we’re not sure. While the head gear is a bit of a hazard, she looks like she could be the ideal woman of some videogamer’s dreams.

15. Ever heard of personal space? This woman sure has. We’re not sure if that was her intention with this strange contraption. Regardless, it may help her avoid some unwanted company… such as that of the guy wearing a turquoise bucket as a hat. 

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