25 Of The Oddest Couples In Hollywood

11. Avril Lavigne and Chag Kroeger dated back in 2012. Sparks flew when the two were writing and recording together for Lavigne’s album. The romance escalated quickly, with an engagement in the works merely after a month of dating. The couple, married in 2013, were split by 2015.

12. Who would’ve thought that the current Kim Kardashian West was once in a romantic relationship with Nick Cannon. Before Cannon grew involved with Mariah Carey, him and Kim had a short-lived relationship from fall of 2006 to January 2007. Cannon later revealed that their breakup was due to Kim hiding the existence of the infamous sex tape.

13. Once upon a time, back in 1999, Jared Leto and Cameron Diaz were engaged. The couple broke up four years later, in 2003, after realizing that their careers were taking them in completely different paths.

14. In 1990, we had quite the duo. Madonna and Vanilla Ice were together for about eight months before breaking up. Vanilla Ice later admitted that Madonna’s 1992 release of her book, Sex, was responsible for their breakup. He claimed to be “embarrassed and ashamed” of his appearance in the book in a suggestive position besides a nude Madonna.

15. A vegas wedding between basketball player Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra made quite the headlines. Electra later admitted that she was in a dark place when she dated Rodman, in a form of self destruction mode following her mother’s death.

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