25 HILARIOUS Photos of Guys Who Got BUSTED Staring at Women’s Chests

#14 “Those look SO much better than the pillows in my bed.”

Someone get this kid a slobber rag out of the baby drawer!  Hopefully, someone pushed his face into those, the kid deserves it with that kind of dedication.  Someday, buddy.

#15 “I deserve this after picking up your balls all day.”

The least she could do was give the ball boy something to look at after he’d been picking up her balls all day in the blazing heat.  He must have been looking for a long time because she caught him, and he still didn’t move a muscle!

#16 Is that John Kerry?

It can be difficult for dads who visit their daughters at college not to have their heads on a swivel.  Dads go back in time and think they are back in college.  Everyone knows what goes down in college – tons of whoopie (not Goldberg)!

#17 Settle down Pitbull, you’ve seen bigger.

Pitbull is one heck of a performer and loved all around the world for his energetic music.  He’s always surrounded by gorgeous women, but this seems a little over-exaggerated.  Pitbull can pretty much look at whatever he wants.

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