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25 HILARIOUS Photos of Guys Who Got BUSTED Staring at Women’s Chests

#9 “Whoa! She’s not wearing a bra.”

The only Civil War going on here was her milky highways vs. the threads in her dress.  Chris Evans took notice in hopes that one would pop out.  You’d think a guy like Chris Evans could have whatever he wants, this photo proves he never intimately had a taste of her.

#10 Don’t have a heart attack, bro!

Fat Tony waited his whole life to see a brunette and blonde put their assets together.  When he finally saw it happen, it changed his life forever.  He started working out, burned that hideous vest, shaved that nasty goatee, and moved down to Miami.  He’s been tearing it up on the club scene ever since.

#11 Sizzling Bacon

This pig got the sight of a lifetime when Kim K passed by in a tight black skirt.  He thought to himself I’d hit that, but who in their right mind wouldn’t chief?  He’s SOL anyway because a police officer’s salary would never win over a Kardashian.

#12 “Now I understand why Justin Timberlake settled down.”

P Diddy definitely doesn’t have any shortage of women, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off the beautiful bosom of Jessica Biel.  He may have been wondering why Justin Timberlake settled down before this moment, but then everything made sense.

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