25 Crazy Facts That Will Have You Second Guessing Your Life

by Lory Nadia

It’s always fun being a know-it-all. At least when it’s yourself knowing it all! There are so many useless yet enticing things we don’t know about the world we live in. Sometimes a useless point helps in coming up with a greater conclusion or outcome. After reading the following 25 facts you’ll be sure to have a little more insight about the world around you and 25 new facts to share with friends. Like what day the most pizzas were ever delivered in history! OR what organs a bird is missing and why? Keep reading to find out!

#1. According to the world wide web, Mozart had asked Marie Antoinette’s hand in marriage way back when.


Crazy to think what a magically artistic love affair that would have turned out to be.

#2. It is estimated that the leftover water droplets in water bottles combine every year to make a total average of 22 million gallons a year.


Now that’s insane.

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