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24 People Who Just Overdid It

We all have those friends that are a little too dramatic and like to take things a little overboard. These people are what we call “extra” because such nature of behavior is exactly that… extra.

Everyone likes a unique individual but even the most fascinating person needs to know they’re limits in trying to be different

Here are 24 people that were just a bit too “extra” and definitely overdid it.

1. This may or may not be considered child abuse upon laziness of an individual.

2. In what world is this considered normal. Yes, you are the only person. 

3. Chips and candy were never meant to be mixed together, so why try?

4. Personal space has a whole other definition in an airplane. Everyone is already confined to a tiny area of seating, so why would you be inconsiderate enough to do such a thing?

5. Dude, just don’t wear a shirt next time. 

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