22 People Who Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Favorite Celebs

#20 Demi Moore

Lisa Connell’s story is the saddest one on the list.  In 2006, she spent $65K to look like her favorite actress, Demi Moore, because she was dying of terminal cancer.  It was her last wish.

#21 Ryan Gosling

All right, this guy looks nothing like Ryan Gosling.  He looks more like a New Kid on the Block than anything else.  He only spent $5K, and he shaves his chest.

#22 Pamela Anderson

Meet Sha, she appeared in Playboy just like her idol Pamela Anderson but not close to as many times.  Pam has made perhaps more appearances than any other Playmate over the years.  Sha thought if she spent enough money to look like Pam, maybe she could do the same.