22 People Who Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Favorite Celebs

#17 Jennifer Lawrence

Hmm, did she even get plastic surgery?  She looks nothing like Lawrence, but apparently, she spent $25K to look like Lawrence.  Can you imagine how creeped out these celebrities get when they see people spending all this money to look like them?  It must make their skin crawl.  Being a celebrity has a ton of perks, although there are a lot of sacrifices and looney tunes that come with it.

#18 Kim Kardashian (Jersey Shore Edition)

Here’s yet another huge Kim K fan who wanted to look like the most famous Kardashian.  She came out looking more like Pauly D’s twin sister than anything else.  Although, there’s an interesting story here.  The woman pictured, Myla Sinanaj, spent $30K to look like Kardashian, and here’s the twist; she’s Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend.

#19 Miranda Kerr

This is by far the biggest success on the list.  A cute Korean girl mixed with supermodel Miranda Kerr is a sure winner every time unless the surgeon completely botches the surgery.  There’s so much plastic surgery going down in South Korea, failed surgeries are highly unlikely to happen.

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