22 People Who Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Favorite Celebs

#9 Brad Pitt

If Roger Waters and Brad Pitt had a baby, it might come out looking like these two knuckleheads.  These guys are actually brothers, Matt and Mike Schlepp, who share an obsession for Brad Pitt as well as a $15K bill for trying to look like him.  They’ve even been wearing matching clothes their entire lives.

#10 Jennifer Lopez

Yup, they look nothing like J-Lo, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  The real kicker is their names are Karen and Jennifer Lopez.  They come from Brazil and paid a lot of money to try and mold their bodies into Jennifer Lopez.  You be the judge.

#11 Nefertiti

In case you were wondering, Nefertiti is an ancient Egyptian queen.  Considering there was no photography back then, this woman, Nileen Namita, can only speculate exactly what she looked like.  All together she has spent $200,000 on 51 different speculative plastic surgeries.  The surgeons must love her!

#12 Lindsay Lohan

This girl must have wanted to look like Lohan before her days of DUIs and getting caught in strange hotel rooms doing weird things with mischievous men.  Before her days of destruction, Lohan was undeniably hot, then she walked out onto the red carpet with a mouthful of yellow Chiclets.  This girl, Ashley Horn, is actually Lindsay’s half-sister, and she spent $25K to try to look like her.  Creepy!

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