22 People Who Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Favorite Celebs

#5 Kate Winslet

She definitely watched Titanic a few too many times growing up and tried to make what she saw on the big screen into reality.  The 41-year-old, Deborah Davenport, spent a total of $15K on her Winslet project, and a piece of her nose was shaven off in the process.  Ouch!

#6 Kim Kardashian (Male Version)

Definitely saw this guy in Bangkok a few months ago, but that’s beside the point.  23-year-old Jordan Parke wants to look like Kim Kardashian so badly that he dropped $150K on plastic surgery!  You’d think with that kind of money spent, he’d actually look like her.

#7 Britney Spears

This is for sure one of the only semi-successes on the list.  The surgeons did some great work, or maybe it’s just the photo.  Either way, she looks a lot better than she did in the suit jacket.  Is it time to start touring now?

#8 Michael Jackson

Belieb it or not, this is a woman.  She spent roughly $10K to look like the King of Pop and sure does, although, the outfit helps out a lot.  Considering Jackson himself had a ton of plastic surgery, it’s probably not too difficult to look like him.

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