22 Husbands Who TOTALLY Understand Women

A lot of husbands out there get boring; they forget how to keep their marriages interesting and please their wives.  Marriages are full of good and bad moments.  It’s impossible not to hit some lows when you see the same person every day.  Just keep in mind fellas, you signed up to get married so give your wife your best.

The husbands featured in these slides know what’s up.  They keep their marriages interesting by leaving notes with a sense of humor or expressing their love in interesting ways.  A woman gets turned on by a man who can make her laugh.

We saved the best for last!  Let us know which one is your favorite, we always love to hear our viewers’ opinions!

#1 He’s Clingy Butt Funny

Men like to think that women don’t poop.  It’s always nice to see a man who can add some humor to the activity we all have to undertake each day.  He’ll love you even if you stink up the bathroom.

#2 Sorry, I was wrong

He really wanted a boy and when they found out it was a girl, he didn’t want his wife to think he was disappointed.  He went above and beyond to welcome the new member of the family even though his friends got creeped out after seeing this photo.

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