20 Things Most People Don’t Know About Kourtney Kardashian

6. After the huge split, Kourtney was seen with Justin Bieber quite a few times. The photos instigated rumors that the two were seeing each other. When asked about her status with the pop star, Kourtney confirmed that they were just friends. 

7. Kourtney does not fall short of being a good mother. She has made it clear that family is her priority. She previously mentioned that she didn’t know just how much she could love until she conceived her first child.

8. Kourtney’s parents separated when she was twelve years old. Kourtney did not let the change effect her relationship with her parents, and continued to spend time at both her mother’s and father’s house in Beverly Hills. 

9. Courtney attended Marymount High School where she discovered her love for design. Upon graduating high school, she attended Southern Methodist University in Texas and later on, University of Arizona, where she obtained her Bachelor in Art in theater and a minor in Spanish. 

10. Kourtney was initially following her father’s footsteps and had her mind set on being a lawyer.  She applied, but upon realizing that she wasn’t good at public speaking (merely giving a speech at school made her nervous), she didn’t go. However, she was the first out of here siblings to finish her education. When she graduated, she went on to launch Smooch, a children’s boutique in LA.

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