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20 Terribly Placed Advertisements That’ll Make You Think Twice About Humanity

Human error happens, yes, but not like this.  Whoever took the time to pair these billboards together was either smoking something fancy or playing a sick joke.

The following terribly placed adverts will make you wonder if the companies involved got their money back because these follies most likely hurt the companies’ bottom lines instead of helping.

Get Ready!  Things are about to get super juicy, and we saved the best for last.

1. The New Organic Adult Shop

Who could have possibly paired these two together and not thought it was obscene?  It’s simply not possible to aim a massive carrot into a woman’s caboose and NOT see something wrong with the picture.

2. Death Sentence

Go ahead Louisianians, one in three of you will die from eating these delicious croissant breakfast sandwiches from Burger King.  Down South, fast food matters more than health!

3. Racist much?

The guys who hung these up are definitely part of the KKK in a remote redneck location where guns are religion. This was their way of sending a message to the black community, SICKENING!

4. Rainy Day Sharts

It got so bad, the passenger in the bus could smell the mess through the glass!  At least those “delicate” grannie panties contained most of the muddy treasure.

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