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20 Photoshop Troll Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

6. It’s safe to say this editor had a traumatic childhood experience with Teletubbies. I guess there is something a little bit creepy about these oversized costume figures in a kids show.

7. Here’s a clear example of an editor blatantly trolling their client. I guess being too specific with your edit request can backfire at times too.

8. Your wish is his command! The editor did exactly what he/she was asked, but I guess he took it a little too far when he made her look more like a blueberry than Kim Kardashian.

9. This is one editor that clearly didn’t get the memo. She wanted to look cool, and a pot of boiling hot pasta is not exactly the coolest environment.

10. It’s really hard to comment on this one, especially since the editor technically did exactly what was asked of them.

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