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20 Photoshop Troll Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

You’re all in for a good laugh but also an important lesson.

Pictures are a perfect way to capture memories, a convenient process and something you can look back on forever. Therefore, it makes sense that at times you want someone with an artistic eye to make a few edits and enhance your image.

There’s nothing wrong with an edit, but it can be a tricky process. If you really want to build a nice memory, make sure your pictures are in the right hands. One wrong move, and your pictures might not be something you want to look back on at all.

What happens when they land in the wrong hands? Well, read on and see for yourself. Here are 20 times that individuals trusted their pictures with the wrong people and had to learn the consequences the hard (but hilarious) way.

1. Sometimes you want an picture to be a little more dramatized. Here’s someone that wanted just that, desiring for a little more emphasis on the height of their jump. The only problem is, they didn’t specify just how high they wanted their jump to be… and well, the result looked like this.

2. Everyone has a spirit animal… and this girl’s happened to be a cat. However, someone should have told her to be a little more specific about the type of cat she wanted to be.

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