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20 Of The World’s Biggest Human Body Parts

16. Many people, including myself, never questioned how far our skin can stretch… but you learn something new everyday! Surely enough, Garry Turner holds the record for the stretchiest skin!

17. That is one long tongue. Not many people have a tongue that can stretch to four inches. Actually, there’s only one we know of so far. Nick Stoeberl, congratulations on your very unique trait.

18. Sain Mumtaz is thought to have the record for the largest head. The attribute is caused by a condition better known as Proteus syndrome.

19. As a result of a cultural tradition in the tribes of Padaung and Kareni in Myanmar, the longest necks in the world extend to an amazing 15.75 inches.

20. Here’s someone you really don’t want to mess with! Gregg Valentino holds the record for greatest biceps. With a width of 28 inches, and the ability to lift 300 pounds, I don’t find that hard to believe!

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