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20 Of The World’s Biggest Human Body Parts

11. I’m pretty sure this can be considered a talent… Kim Goodman holds the record for largest eye-pop. I didn’t even know this was physically possible but Goodman can pop her eyes out to an amazing half an inch.

12. Having grown her locks since she was 13, Xie Quipping holds the record for longest hair in the world, with her hair being over 18 feet long.

13. Length of hair isn’t the only thing that can break a record… Aevin Dugas holds the record for the biggest circumference of hair. Her unique afro has a circumference of nearly 4.5 feet, making her a one of a kind model.

14. Credit to Ram Singh for being able to go about his everyday life with a mustache that stretches 14 feet.

15. I guess you really can train the body to do anything. Cathie Jung, having used corsets for years now, has trained her waist to be 15 inches, making it the smallest waist in the world.

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