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20 Of The World’s Biggest Human Body Parts

6. Vijay Kumar has five extra teeth in his mouth, breaking the record for the greatest number of teeth in any human. I’m sure the extra brushing is worth how fast he can chew through his favorite meal!

7. Jeison Rodriguez, at a whopping height of 7’3, holds the record for biggest feet in the world at 15 inches long. He has such a unique feature that he actually needs custom made shoes made for him in Germany.

8. Lee Redmond has fingernails stretching to 28 feet long. For a long while, she held the record for the longest fingernails before losing them in a car accident in 2009.

9. I hear people complaining about the size of their nose every other day. Next time someone complains to you, here’s a picture that will make them think twice. Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey has a nose that stretches 3.5 inches from the bridge to tip, making it the largest in the world.

10. Ever wanted to be able to eat a burger in one bite? I’m sure Francisco Joaquim can if he tried. With the widest unstretched mouth in the world, who knows what he can fit in there!

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