20 Nerdy Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

16. Elle Fanning: Elle was once simply known as Dakota Fanning’s sister. However, she began to create a career for herself with some roles in voice acting as well as her amazing role of Sleeping Beauty aside Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

17. Daniel Tay: This actor’s a little harder to pinpoint. You may think you don’t know him but that’s just because you don’t recognize him. Daniel has managed to lay low since his role of Michael alongside Will Ferrell in Elf

18. Justin Bieber: Justin was once a young boy from Ontario, Stratford, Canada. His life changed when he was recognized on Youtube for his talented voice. He entered the world of fame when he was nearly 13 and was breaking records since he was 16. It’s safe to say the name Justin Bieber holds a lot of powers nowadays. 

19. Thomas Brodie-Sangster: This little guy caught our eye in Love Actually, when he took on the role of Sam. He continued to build on his acting career when he played Simon Brown in Nanny McPhee. We’ve seen him mature and grow as a person right before our very eyes, and his acting career has followed a similar path with roles in Maze Runner and Game of Thrones

20. Josh Peck: Who can forget Josh Peck when he’s taken on such hilarious roles in The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh. While he was initially the nerdy goofball, that reputation no longer exists. Now 30, Josh has become a major heartthrob and still continues acting. 

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