20 Nerdy Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

11. Dylan and Cole Sprouse: No one can forget the two adorable twins that stole our teenage hearts as Zack and Cody in Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Since then, the two attended NYU to study archaeology and video game design and successfully graduated. 

12. Miley Cyrus: Miley became queen of the teenage acting and singing world when she scored her starring role in Hannah Montana. Since she left Disney, she has been able to explore her music taste a bit, and as we can see 2017 Miley is slowly transforming her music style to fit the country taste her family is known for. 

13. Dakota Fanning: Dakota demonstrated her raw talent in the movie I Am Sam. Since then, she has starred in many memorable fils including Uptown Girls and War of the Worlds

14. One Direction: Talk about teenage heartthrob. It’s been seven years since these four lads met on X Factor and formed the group that stole all teenage hearts. These boys have really grown up in front of our eyes. The teenagers that we were initially introduced have all become young, successful, handsome men in a short time. 

15. Freddie Highmore: Almost everyone knows English actor Freddie Highmore for his charming role as Peter in Finding Neverland along with his captivating role as Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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