20 Nerdy Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

6. Alyson Stoner: Alyson has come a far way since her role as Sarah Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen. Other than being in movie hit, Step Up, she has starred in many music videos as a dancer, including that of Missy Elliot’s Work it and Eminem’s Just Lose It

7. Kylie Jenner: Her entire life was open to the public at a very young age. While she is not exactly a singer or dancer, she is definitely a child star who has built herself in the world of business. With her clothing and makeup lines, Jenner has completely transformed throughout the years. 

8. Ariel Winter: Obtaining the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family was a pivotal point in Ariel’s acting career. Since then, we have seen a little girl grow into a beautiful young woman right in front of our eyes. 

9. Demi Lovato: Although Demi’s acting career began on Barney, it really took off with her lead role in Camp Rock. Since then, she has had her own show, Sonny with the a Chance. While she has struggled with her fair share of personal problems, Demi now uses her platform to mentor teens while continuing to make inspiring music. 

10. Selena Gomez: Where to begin? Selena has come such a long way since her childhood role in Barney and Friends. Her career really sky rocketed with her role as Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then, she has starred in a fair share of films while working as a business woman, singer, executive producer, fashion designer and a philanthropist. 

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