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20 Funny Snapchat Pictures That Will Make You LOL

Ah, the power of Snapchat… it’s safe to say that this social media platform has embedded itself into our lives. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity, your close friend or that one person that’s a ‘hi-and-bye’ type of acquaintence, Snapchat tells you all. With the mere click, you are let into another person’s world, gaining insight on their everyday life.

Some say it has diminished privacy as we know it, but the popular platform has its pluses! When you receive that one snapchat that makes you laugh or smile, even for just a second of your day, you know you’re glad to have the app downloaded.

So what makes a Snapchat funnier than merely texting those same pictures and videos to your group chat? The creative captions, of course!

Here’s a secret: A caption can make or break the success of your snap. Don’t believe it? Read on and see for yourself. Here are 20 snapchats that are not only photogenic, but so well captioned, you’re bound to laugh.

1. A tip: when you’re trying to take a secret snap of someone, make sure the flash if off. The minute they see that blinding light, your cover is definitely blown. Here’s a guy that’s definitely looks like a deer caught in the headlights!

2. Ask any fitness trainer and they will tell you that abs are built in the kitchen. I guess that doesn’t apply to baby Jesus, who’s clearly getting his ab work done in the… stable?

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