20 Female Celebrities Who Beat Their Men to a Pulp

You’re probably thinking, isn’t it usually the other way around?  Well, yes, but there are still domestic abuse cases where the women beat up the men.  If one thing is for sure, you’ll see a lot of women you never expected to be man beaters on this list.  Don’t let their innocent faces fool you, they have some fire lurking on the inside.  In some cases, the men stick by their sides even after getting beat up.

Which celebrity do you think is the biggest shocker?

#1 Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts achieved fame through having the Roberts name and acquiring some of her aunt Julia Roberts’ beautiful looks.  Reportedly, a fight broke out in Canada with her boyfriend Evan Peters over a petty money dispute.  The police report says Peters had a bloody nose when they arrived and a bite mark!  Six months later, the two lovebirds tied the knot.

#2 Carmen Electra

Remember the strange relationship between model Carmen Electra and NBA legend Dennis Rodman?  In 1998, they were both arrested after getting into a physical brawl.  Apparently, Rodman became jealous after seeing one of her ex-boyfriends on TV.  When police arrived, Rodman’s shirt was torn, and he had a scratched up arm.  In the end, their relationship did not go the distance.

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