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20 Cheaters Who Got Called Out HARD and Humiliated on Social Media

#13 With grammar this bad, it’s understandable she wanted to cheat on him.  Maybe, the new guy finished high school, although with that goatee, probably not.

#14 He got white knighted by Diane’s friend, Dane.  Never date a girl who has a guy best friend, those are a very, very annoying breed.

#15 If there is one rule to life, never leave your Facebook logged on around a suspicious girlfriend.  Girls will sneak around to check all of your messages when you least suspect it.  On the other hand, guys, don’t waste a girl’s time if you’re not ready to commit.

#16 This was a bright idea.  Let’s go to a major sporting event together and do our best not to see anyone we know.  The arm around his back is cute, though.

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