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16 Things You’ve Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life

What’s worse than doing something wrong? Doing something wrong for a significant period of time only to find out about the efficiency you missed out on way later.

We’re here to make your life just a little bit easier. Many of the items you come across every day have built-in functions that many of us are yet to know.

Here are 26 objects and items that you’ve probably been using incorrectly throughout your life (like the most of us). In this case, ignorance is not necessarily bliss. Read on and discover these little tricks that are bound to make your everyday life just a tad less stressful.

1. Bottles: Ever bought a plate of french fries only to struggle with getting a sufficient amount of ketchup out of the glass? There’s actually a sweet spot on the bottle, the ‘57’ symbol, that will get that ketchup out much more easily than tapping on the bottom of the bottle.

2. Snack: Getting stuck with a snack without a spoon can be one of the most disappointing feelings. Did you know that you can actually improvise a spoon our of the foil wrapper?

3. Spaghetti: Are you one of those people that just improvise the amount of pasta they put in their pot and end up with too much or too little? Well, worry no more. You’re spaghetti scoop can also function as a measurement tool. The little hold in the middle with big enough to fit enough pasta for one serving.

4. Spoons: If you though that the hole in the handle of your pot was there for decoration, you are wrong. These slots are actually made for the purpose of holding your mixing spoon and prevent making a mess out of drips and spills.

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