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Love it! I'm crying Got me mad! LOL!

16 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand

Illusions… They’re around you everyday but we don’t see them, hence the illusion. Have you ever stared at an image, expecting to see something different?

Five, ten minutes pass and you still can’t spot the difference. Then all of a sudden, once you do see the difference, you can’t unsee it. That’s the beauty of an optical illusion… because once you see it, there’s really no going back at that point.

Here are 16 photos with the craziest illusions. Look closely, can you spot them?

1. That looks like one really colorful caterpillar, right? Well, look closer, it’s actually a row of birds sitting on a branch.

2. Now here’s a picture that’s really giving the illusion that there’s a dog’s head on a human’s body. As much as we wish it were real, the owner just hid his head behind his pup’s and this was the result. 

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