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16 Photos of Fails

We’re not perfect, we’re only human, and it’s normal to make mistakes.

While we all are victim to error, not all of us are victim to it being documented. There are some people, a few unfortunate people, that are unlucky enough to have evidence of those errors forever. For all of you who can relate, you have social media to thank for this.

Here’s a few social media fails that are bound to give you a good laugh!

1. I’m not an expert in anatomy, but I’m pretty sure the human body doesn’t work this way.

2. Advertising is a lot more successful when you don’t contradict yourself in the labelling.

3. Photoshopping works a lot better whenever its realistic. I’m not sure which individual thought a plan without wheels would be appealing to those seeking safe travels.

4. When the sign looks more like it spells “stupid” than “stop”, you know there’s somewhere you went wrong. C’mon you had one job!

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