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16 Photos Of Bizarre Shoes For The Shoe Addict In All Of Us

Many people genuinely believe that a look is not complete without the right pair of shoes, and rightfully so. Shoes are not only a means of protecting and securing your feet, but a form of expressing your style, and thereby, yourself.

Yet, some people take the concept of “expressing yourself” through footwear a little too far. Check out these 16 photos of bizarre shoes that are so cringe-worthy they’re bound to intrigue the shoe addict in you.

Ballerinas are notoriously known for their very unique-looking pair of shoes. The platform and special build of these ballet shoes really give ballet dancers a little edge on the stage. 

You can think of it as a shoe, or you can think of it as a wheelchair for your feet since that’s what it looks like. These shoes are not very appealing to look, nor do they look very comfortable. 

When it comes to discomfort, these pair of heels sure take the win! Shoes are meant to provide your comfort or a sort of protection. These pair of nails with chains look like they could really cause some serious damage. 

For all you old school gamers, this might be the shoe for you. These wedges not only serve as a pair of shoes, but they serve as storage for your Gameboy! It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

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