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16 Life Changing Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

We all come across those tiny obstacles in our everyday lives. Don’t let them hold you back! Today is the day you discover the way to overcome these little challenges and all at the click of a button.

Don’t wait any longer, read on and find out 16 life changing life-hacks that are bound to make your everyday life a breeze!

1. We all lose our pens and pencils left and right… If you lend it to a peer, chances are you’re never getting it back. One way to stop this abomination? Take out the ink of your blue and black pen and place it in a red pen… No one ever wants a red pen.

2. You’re down to the last few uses of your toothpaste. Now, before you throw it out because it seems like too much work to squeeze out the last drops, try this: A bobby pin to slide up and down the tube and do all the work for you. 

3. You’re in the middle of typing an important email, a paper, a group project… Whatever the task may be, it’s stressful and you’re letting off the steam with some tasty snacks. When that keyboard gets dirty, try folding the sticky side of a post-it to collect all those crumbs. No evidence, no problem!

4. If you’re lucky enough to reach that point where you have too many clothes and not enough closet space… have no fear, the soda can trick is here! Just use this neat trick with the soda can tab to create more room. Than there’s no excuse not to go shopping for the sixth time that week!

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