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16 Fugly Tattoo Cover Ups That Will Have You ROTFL! #15 Definitely Lost a Bet!

#13 This guy decided to take a bad tattoo and turn it into something WAY bigger than he ever wanted.  He may be a fan of the team, but it’s still possible to see remnants of the old tattoo which is kind of degrading to the team’s mascot.

#14 The third time isn’t always a charm as proven here.  The first lesson is to never get a black splotchy tattoo with no definitive borders.  It looks like a lobster mated with a circus monkey.  The end result looks like amateur art class.

#15 This is the one everyone has been waiting for!  You’ll need to look at it for at least 30 seconds before you see the wolf in the middle.  It’s hard to say if this is actually a tattoo cover-up or just a GIGANTIC mess.

#16 The end design came straight out of Napolean Dynamite’s sketchbook located next to the Liger.  This is an anteater mixed with a black panther.  What do you call that? The black panteater.

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