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16 Fugly Tattoo Cover Ups That Will Have You ROTFL! #15 Definitely Lost a Bet!

#9  It looks like the paint is flaking on this tattoo, and an eighth-grader was the artist.  Do you think he or she tried to make a tattoo bracelet to express his or her love for poker?

#10 Never add to a regretful tattoo by making it into a joke.  This only makes you look a like a joke, and no one will ever take this guy seriously for the rest of his strange life.

#11 Yet another example of a tattoo gone terribly wrong, but at least thing guy went with Frasier Winslow Crane instead of a clothing brand.

#12 Now this, is NOT the way to go!  It’s similar to the guy who went with Ralph Lauren but even worse.  No guy who dates girls is a big enough Melissa Ethridge fan to get her name tattooed on his arm.  Then again, this guy may have melted his brain from years of burning the green leaf.

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