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16 Fugly Tattoo Cover Ups That Will Have You ROTFL! #15 Definitely Lost a Bet!

#5 This is what happens when your high school sweetheart cheats on you, but you got a huge tattoo of her face.  Laser treatment probably wasn’t an option so he opted for the devil vampire look instead.

#6 It’s hard to tell if this is a brilliant idea or a major fail.  Probably should have chosen later treatment and started from scratch because the second tattoo artist obviously had some talent.

#7 This person played way too much Dungeons and Dragons growing up and turned an awful tattoo into the ugliest tattoo on earth.  You could spend hours trying to figure out what that is.

#8 Never ever get a car logo tattooed on your arm, and better yet, never get whatever that second thing is tattooed anywhere.

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