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16 Fugly Tattoo Cover Ups That Will Have You ROTFL! #15 Definitely Lost a Bet!

Remember people, tattoos are forever!  Unless you want to go through endless laser appointments to get them removed.  No matter what, someday they will look like crap when you’re old, wrinkly and saggy, but let’s not think about that.

Tasteful tattoos can make a mediocre-looking guy or girl more attractive.  Then there’s the bad tattoo spectrum.  A bad tattoo is one of the most unattractive things in the world.  It’s like a giant, unsightly birthmark but worse.

The people in the following slides committed on their tattoos without thinking ahead first.  Some of them were in puppy love, some lost bets, while others may have been turbo drunk.  When you see what they did to cover up their old tattoos, you’ll be falling off your chair with laughter.  Wait until you see the epic mess that is #15!

#1 It’s hard to tell if this is a lesbian or a guy’s arm.  Whichever it is, they are confused and run through relationships like packs of chewing gum.

#2 She couldn’t afford the laser treatment or didn’t have the patience.  Later in life, she’ll just have to get even more treatment because that’s an epic disaster.  Never get a tattoo while angry!

#3 When she finished up her Hello Kitty phase, she started reading Edgar Allen Poe.  Unfortunately, she only created a much bigger mess.  Let this be a lesson, don’t let your friend who’s an aspiring tattoo artist use you as a palette.  Cheap or free isn’t better in the tattoo department!

#4 The evolution of this tattoo makes no sense at all.  It only became worse and worse and worse….

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