16 Essential Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

The hardest part when preparing for a fancy night out is applying makeup.  Men don’t realize how tricky it is to perfectly apply eyeliner.  They think women spend all their time picking out shoes or clothes.

Unfortunately, a lot of women just wing it and don’t know the best methods for applying eye makeup.  By following these 16 tips, you’ll be an eye makeup expert in no time.  And once you start receiving compliments for your hard work, it’ll make learning these tips even more worth it!

#1 The first big mistake beginners make is looking straight into the mirror.  The proper way to do it is to tilt your head back.  This way you’ll be able to make sure your wings are symmetrical.

#2 Need a temporary eye lift?  Apply some illuminator just beneath the brow, then blend it with your finger.  The illuminator will draw attention to the point of the brow you want people to be looking at.

#3 If you want to intensify your eyeshadow and make sure it lasts throughout the day or night, add a neutral or white base to your lids first.  Make sure to match the base with your lightest skin tone.

#4 Craving that smokey eyes look?  The trick is to apply a bit of black base shadow beneath the colored eyeshadow.  With some practice, you will become an expert blender.

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