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15 Ways All Airlines Are As Bad As United

There is something so refreshing about visiting different places around the world. However, there is the travel process can get a little overwhelming at times, especially when you have to take a plane for several hours to get to your desired location.

Flying can be scary enough as it is, but sometimes the experience is made a lot worse by the airline you choose to travel with.

Here are 15 ways that your airline can make your travel experience worse.

15. They’ll Bump You For Employees

The airline employees are important people and for a good reason: they help serve our needs on the plane. However, they shouldn’t ever be the reason as to why people are kicked off of they’re flight. The room, seats and capacity of flight attendants should be considered before selling tickets, not after people have already entrusted in the airline with their travel.

14. They’ll Blame Your Kids For Being Kids

Kids can be a little overwhelming in the tight confined space of an airplane, and we all try to regulate their behavior when they are our responsibility. However, don’t complain and try to criticize someone’s child for being a child.

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