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16 Nail Trends That Should Have Never Become A Thing

9. Stiletto Nails: These nails actually don’t look bad. They give that fierce and confident look, and which woman doesn’t love that vibe? Just make sure they don’t get too long, cause they can get hazardous.

10. Spike Nails: The only good thing I can say about this picture is that the color contrast of the polish and sparks are nice. Besides that, the idea of spikes on your nails are completely ridiculous and unnecessary.

11. Cartoon Characters: For those cartoon lovers, this style can actually work. I mean, if you like the colorful look than why not? But for those who take the fashion world seriously, these may not be their top choice.

12. Caviar Nails: I can’t help but imagine each of the beads fall one by one. Let’s not forget that this can be a complete hazard for those who like to stick their fingers in their mouth.

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