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16 Nail Trends That Should Have Never Become A Thing

In this day and age, fashion trends and styles are constantly changing. With every instagram post and twitter share, new ideas are being spread and there is a constant change in what’s “in”. While  its always fun to be out with the old and in with the new, sometimes it gets hard to keep up with the constant change of looks.

While different trends are embraced by different people, some trends are more widely accepted, and others are not. These less popular trends often involve taking creativity to another level, a bit of an extreme level.

Read on for 15 nail trends that are so overboard that they shouldn’t even be considered a trend.

1. Bubble Nails: Gel nail polish is one thing, but making little bubbles in the place of a regular manicure is a little unnecessary. I’m not sure if this was discovered by accident or not but it certainly needs to be forgotten.

2. Aquarium Nails: This trend involves using layering and plastic dividers or extensions to fill in nails with water and give it that aqua look. While it’s a cool idea, it’s a bit tacky when you have these designs all over your nails.

3. Furry Nails: This one is actually a bit disturbing. It was initially created for use in a high end fashion show but I don’t know which individual would want to put themselves in the trouble of wearing such a thing 24/7. How do you wash your hands? Write? It basically involves giving up the function of your hands.

4. Lego Nails: I didn’t even know this was an actual thing. Legos are building blocks for toddlers, not a nail coat for girls.

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